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About us

We take joy from driving and satisfaction from our customers' being satisfied
We started in 2008 as a company with big plans for the future. Nowadays we know that too big plans should be exchanged into smaller goals that we set ourselves every single year. Successively we carry them out and we can think of a larger and more demanding ones. TRANSDUO is a company providing domestic and international transport. We are people who not only know how to drive, but also how to cooperate with the client. Hundreds of clients already trust us, with some of them we work from the very start. We have an extensive fleet of tractors and trailers, so that we can realize any order and meet the most demanding needs of our customers. Our goal is always safe arrival at the designated place within the time prescribed for it. We do not accept failures, we only overcome some minor weaknesses.

We have already passed millions of kilometers, gained hundreds of trusting clients and have completed thousands of orders – we acquire experience only while hard working.