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Security, flexibility, reliability ...
We are specialized in national and international transport. We provide smaller and larger transport and shipping projects. We appreciate the many years of cooperation with trusted clients who regularly use our services. Polish and European roads are the places of our everyday work.

Poland has no secrets for us
The team of our drivers are people who have to offer something more than just a safe transportation of goods. They are true professionals who are always looking for the best solutions and try to perform their duties, working on customers’ success. Our reliability reveals in punctuality, flexibility and excellent communication of drivers with the freight forwarder. There are no Polish roads, which we did not know and there is no place where we weren’t. Our services guarantee safe delivery of your goods and fast realization of orders. We transport both goods of lower weight as well as those up to 24 tons. Your success lies in our hands.
On international routes
However national transport is not all that we can offer you. With the possession of the appropriate documentation and licenses, qualified drivers who have been trained in the passing the most demanding international routes, we offer also international transport. We are open to foreign trade, providing goods to all European Union countries. We have learned precision and punctuality from our German neighbors, innovation we took from Belgians and reliability and loyalty from Italians. With us everything works like Swiss clockwork.
Cooperation with TRANSDUO is working with the best, because we believe in ourselves and overcome all obstacles. For us, impossible becomes possible, and the challenges are embedded in our daily duties. Domestic and international transport with high-class vehicles operated by qualified drivers - we can offer you even more.